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2 Explanations In our catalogue you will find several pictograms beside the text describtion. They should be helpful for a quick and easier explanation of the articles and their attributes. Manufacturing process Article with laser-engraved scale / graduation Article with etched scale / graduation Pad print Protection (IP-Code) acc. to DIN 40050 IEC 60529 etc. IP 40 Pattern protection against solid particles Ø > 1mm IP 44 Splash water resistant pattern IP 51 Drip water resistant IP 52 Drip water resistan IP 53 Dust and spray water resistant pattern IP 54 Dust and splash water resistant pattern IP 62 Dust and drip water proof IP 63 Dust and spray water proof pattern IP 64 Dust and splash water resistant pattern IP 65 Dust- and jet water proof pattern IP 67 Water- and oil tight pattern (at times) IP 68 Water- and oil tight pattern (timeless) Article is explosion proof Article with UL certificate (american safety norm) Product specifications Caliper jaw length Measuring internal dimension Caliper cross jaws Depth gauge Thumb roll Fine adjustment Thread pitch Measuring inside Measuring outside Pointer rotation Setting gauge Icons for data process RS232 C RS232 data output by data cable OPTO RS232 C Opto RS232 data output PROXIMITY Proximity data output, inductive, contactless Duo data output Data output by USB and Mini USB (connectivity for Mitutoyo Digimatic) Data output by USB and data cable Vogel German y GmbH & Co. KG Messwe rkzeugf abrik Ossenpa ss 4 - D-47623 Kevelaer Postfach 1351 - D-47613 Kevelaer Telefon: +49 (0) 28 32 - 92 39 - 0 - Telefax: +49 (0) 28 32 - 36 21 [email protected] el-germa - ww.voge l-german Software on CD-Rom Several Icons Measuring- and weighing-unit selectable or switchable Suitable battery included Suitable battery included SR44 Silveroxide 1,5V Suitable cell-battery included LR41 1,5V Suitable cell-battery included LR44 1,5V Suitable cell-battery included CR1632 Lithium 3V Suitable cell-battery included CR2032 Lithium 3V Suitable cell-battery included Accu Power supply Laser protection class Magnetic power Induction Laser wavelength Shock proof Stand out